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Overcoming austerity


The scale of austerity thrust upon councils has, by necessity, driven a revolution in service delivery and wide scale transformation.

The need to deliver customer experiences that parallel those of consumer services with ever decreasing budgets, means that local authorities are having to challenge tradition and seek more innovative solutions to the traditional problems of engagement, automation and monitoring.

IEG4 has grown continuously as a direct result of the need for innovation and a shift from traditional back office suppliers. We believe this is due to the fact we see software as an enabler of change rather than one which defines it.

To provide an example of this, one of our customers wanted to automate benefit claims into the back office but did not want to buy expensive back office web services. IEG4 took this challenge on board has created the first ever robotically powered benefits assessor

Likewise a customer said they wanted to be able to have a single citizen account which spanned all Council departments and allowed citizens to track the progress of requests they make. Again, starting with a customer problem, we designed and built a single citizen account service spanning all departments and a next generation digital tracking engine - OneVu & OpenProcess respectively.

Over 80 Councils use IEG4 services

The genesis of IEG4 was in providing intelligent online services for Benefits teams to enable an effective channel shift of services with extensive integration to back office applications. Such has been the success of our online services, we have won national and international awards with our customers picking up lots of awards too.

Using this successful model IEG4 has expanded into other areas of Council service delivery and now provides online services in Council Tax, Business Rates, Education, Housing, Licensing, Planning, Social Care & Waste Management. 

Example services we provide across Local Government

Department Services
Council Tax Moves, Discounts, Direct Debit, Special Arrangements, Refunds
Benefits HB & LCTS New Claims, Changes, Blue Badges, Local Welfare Assistance, DHP, SWF, Appeals
Business Rates Moves, Reliefs, Direct Debit, Special Arrangements, Refunds
Education Free School Meals, Clothing Grants, School Admissions applications
Housing Supporting People, Request a Repair, Housing Applications, Disabled Facilities Grants
Licensing Taxi Licenses, Public Licenses, and many others
Planning & Building Control Inspections, Report Planning Breaches
Social Care Social Care Financial Assessments, Social Prescription, Troubled Families, Deferred Payment Arrangements
Waste & Bins Missed Bin Collection, Bulky Waste Collection, Assisted Lift Request and more