OneVu is a digital platform designed with your customer's needs first and foremost. Contrary to the traditional approach of surfacing the content that Council staff wanted, OneVu is fundamentally geared to the questions your citizens most commonly asked and services they use most.

Find out more about its unique capabilities in the short video here and the content below. 



OneVu has been designed with today's generation in mind.

We started our design on mobile rather than it being an afterthought. Using the latest research on UI and UX we've implemented a digital service that uses best practice across both private and public sectors.

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No letters to be posted, no daily extracts - just a single login to access all council services Citizens can register using an email or via Microsoft, Facebook or Google.

With the latter, they can be in and be accessing services in seconds (40 seconds to be precise - we tried it).

YOUR Customer's Questions


Your council is unique and so are your citizens' FAQs. That's why OneVu is not designed with dynamic not fixed UI. YOU control which departments are available, the order they appear and the top FAQs that are relevant at any given time.

So if you've just done a Council Tax Recovery run you can make recovery related content prominent for those council tax payers where this is relevant.

Customers are authenticated in real time and YOUR top FAQs are personalised to them. So if a Benefit Claimant doesn't have all of their rent paid they will be told precisely why whereas another where this is not relevant won't see it:

All Your Services Delivered


IEG4 and its customers, as a part of our LGaaP strategy, have built a library of digital services to enable a 'Digital Council in a Box'.

Over 100 services can be provided out of the box.

These include the tricky services like welfare and social care applications with integration to back office systems. So no need for multiple online form providers. Just a single consistent platform for your customers.

Every single service can be tracked by citizens online if it is applicable.



30-40% of calls received in Councils are simple people chasing requests they've made.

That's why OneVu has a powerful task management and workflow engine to complement it. It's called OpenProcess.

OpenProcess is capable of replacing your EDMS systems across the whole council whilst simultaneously enabling:

  • You to control SLAs by process
  • Citizens to see this SLA the second they submit a request
  • Citizens to be notified automatically when progress happens and see when the council requests information/documentation from them
  • Citizens to upload documentation after they've submitted their online form


Your Service Transformation


With a professional grade reporting suite built using Microsoft Power BI you can garner insights on how well your digital transformation is going.

All visual with dashboards, charts, and maps; Council leaders can even see how the transformation is happening in their own Council Wards.

Want to know more?

We relish the opportunity to talk through and understand the challenges you face and see how we can assist in providing solutions. You can start the conversation by:

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