Enabling Channel Shift

Recognising the fact that companies need a way of making every service online in the drive to make all transactions online, the eDesigner solution provides users with the ability to create eForms in minutes.

With all of the coding of the form done behind the scenes, users of any level can create online services. Ensuring that not only can you provide more services online quickly, you can save a massive amount of cost on their creation, as there is no technical expertise required to create and maintain them.

Crucially, the online service you build with eDesigner are instantly optimised for use on pcs, tablets and smartphones. Ensuring, user experience, the very key of ensuring uptake is optimal irrespective of how the service is accessed.

Easy to learn

Users can quickly build online services based upon different form templates and easily add pages, questions, help text and validation. They can add validation and ensure answers are provided in the format expected. As well as add upload controls to allow evidence / supporting photographs to be provided digitally.  

Add Rules         

As well as being able to add the online service content, it is possible to add conditional logic using rules to make the online forms smarter. If a question is answered one way it will ask extra questions but won't if answered another way. This extends to pages and so now very complex online services can be built with no code.

Map data to XML

For more advanced users, with eDesigner's eMapper element, it is possible to add a defined XML schema format to be populated with the answers from an online service. It's intuitive drag and drop functionality allows answers to be dragged on to XML elements and when the form is completed it will be automatically populated.  

Actions, actions & actions 

IEG4's core online forms like Change of Address use actions when submitted to push information automatically into EDMS applications, to Back office APIs and to the OpenProcess engine. There is a massive library of these and in conjunction with eMapper allow, without code, to build an online form that updates multiple back office apps 

Want to know more?

We think eDesigner is a little bit unique and so we've built a dedicated microsite illustrating all of the thought processes behind the system. As well as providing more detail on the functionality provided. Go to the microsite by clicking the button below:

eDesigner Microsite